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Lower the limit for pet medals

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in Feedback and Suggestions
32k limit???!! this in my opinion is leaving out and alienating most likely half your player base is messed up all these limits and locked items are annoying.
  1. Less limited,locked and untradeable items?1 vote
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       0% (0 votes)
    2. Heck yes
       100% (1 vote)


  • SgiathachSgiathach
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,095
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    If you buy with nex prepaged the limit is not 32k? so just buy prepayed... and before you say "But there are no prepayed at my place" you can buy it online even on amaon or a few other places
  • NegumikoNegumiko
    Mabinogi Rep: 9,775
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    I always buy all my prepaid Karma Koin from here:

    You can get prepaid NX online and they always email the code with 4 hours or so. Usually it is even faster than that.