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Suggestion to Make Dan Advancement Easier

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Hello Fellow Forum Readers,

I been at Dan 1 for awhile now and honestly it is kind of draining (my moral and bank lol). Whenever I play it is always laggy in the game, sometimes I would freeze and then the gargoyles would hit me and then I lose time during the test. I get that this is a test of skill, but you can't completely factor out equipment and internet speed in this process. Dan advancement is very gatekept for reasons other than just skill. I suggest making it more accessible by lowering the rank required and also possibly making the test cheaper or free because I'm a laggy Milletian. I hope it's not just me that feels this way :(.


  • Atheist42Atheist42
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    No - it's not just you. For overseas players, some missions are inexplicably laggy. Advancement tests are in this category.

    There are some missions that can be expected to be laggy, since they involve many players and many monsters spread over a large area with complex architecture. For example, the missions "Defeat the Shadow Wizard" has 8 players, who might go 8 different directions so there might be over 50 mobs active at any time, and it's set in the complex architecture of Tailteann Shadow World.

    And there are relatively simple missions which are done solo in a single simple room with a small number of monsters. These have to pass very little data back to the server, and so shouldn't be affected by lag. Most Dan Advancement Tests are in this category.

    Inexplicably, many Dan Advancement Tests are very laggy for overseas players, far more laggy than "Defeat the Shadow Wizard". I've pretty much given up on Dan rankings because of the lag.

    Some of the solo boss fights in generation storylines are also inexplicably laggy. There are exceptions, but most have fews mobs and a simple small room. It's so irritating to use a Guardian Soul Stone, which is supposed to give a period of invincibility after the revive, only to find the lag keeps your character frozen for the whole period of invincibility, and the boss kills you again before you can do anything.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    I've suggested reducing the tests for each dan to just 1 instead of 2, that way if you do pass it you don't have to perform the miracle twice.