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Stardust Bug: Collection Quest

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edited July 17, 2021 in Forwarded Bugs
Received collect 20 eggs sponsorship quest.
Collected 20 eggs at Tir Chonaill church.
Logged out.
Logged back in.
20 eggs became 0/20 in the quest.
Attempted to collect 20 eggs at Tir Chonaill church (again).
Gathering eggs not counting.
Attempted to turn in quests.
Nothing happens.

Had to switch out quest to get rid of bugged quest and start over with a new quest. (Thank god this is an option).

Logging out with an active sponsorship quest AFTER collecting seems to be the trigger. (So don't log out after collecting). Switching out the quest remedies the bug.

I have attempted to recreate this bug with the Gather 20 Bloody Herbs sponsorship quest but that quest was unaffected by logging out. It's possible that this bug only effects the egg collecting quest for some reason. I'll keep testing out other collection quests and maybe hopefully get the egg collection quest again down the road.