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Stardust powers

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in General Chat
Ok, so how do you get the other powers like a flare, blow chaser. and how do you get more than 2 stardust surrounding your character?


  • PannyaPannya
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    edited July 19, 2021
    you have to level up your stardust by using the increse level button after grinding some mats, i got the 3rd orb at rank 6, there is a global level and each skill has its own level, grind rank D quests to get the mats to level up and some rank E quests to get the last stars from each skill, dont waste your time in rank C quests.
    so far i got quests from every gathering skill plus handicraft, tailor, weaving, mana crystallization, stationery crafting, refining, cooking, herbalism, fishing, metallurgy, carpentry, commerce, the minigames from iria and random taill, tara and avon missions.
  • XCalibieXCalibie
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    edited July 20, 2021
    If you're on the front page of Mabinogi's site, go to Guide > Advanced Guide, and choose "Stardust: Stardust Info and Support Effects Guide". Everything you can unlock, its requirements, and its costs - are all listed there.