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Generation and content level requirements.

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edited August 8, 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions
I would suggest that rather than lowering difficult content requirements meant for more advanced players, it becomes locked per account.

As in, once one any character on the account reaches that total level, all characters on that account can start those generations.

Chapter 7 originally required a total level requirement of 5,000 for a reason; it was meant to be hard on release. Not something a normal character of 5,000 cumulative level can breeze through easily.

With Memoir trivializing leveling (and even released before generation 22 so players could prepare for it, shall I mention), any total level requirements below 5,000 are simply obsolete and do not represent at all the content difficulty.

As well with the NA server allowing entirely new accounts to start G19 at a simple total level of 20, just like Generation 1, it would be far better to instead set up level requirements to be account-wide. This also solves issues of people wanting to simply replay a generation on a second character without penalizing others.

As such, I would also suggest, rather than nerfing, to instead raise the current required cumulative levels to start a generation. A total level of 200 can be achieved in pretty much no time right now, and it is easy for new players to get confused about the story.

Tl;Dr: Make cumulative level requirements account-wide; Change cumulative level requirements to better reflect the early game and the presence of the memory book.