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Constantly disconnecting...

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edited August 23 in Bugs and Glitches
I've been disconnecting multiple times a day but my internet never drops and is at a steady 300 download and 15 upload speed. It will say I'm logged on, asks me if I want to disconnect, and then says I have the wrong username/password. Logging out of Nexon Launcher or restarting my PC doesn't work. My friends will see my character standing there and they are still able to attempt trades with me or message me. What is going on?


  • FluoretteFluorette
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    I get kicked off too, but it's cause of my #@$%^&RE%$#%$^$#@ Wi-Fi

    You have to wait somewhere around like 10-15 minutes before reconnecting and it'll let you in. This problem has been here for much too long now. T___T