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Glyph Skill Possible Bug

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edited September 8 in Bugs and Glitches
TLDR Glyphs with Slow+Fixed dmg ignore % rates in pvp
I enjoy testing different cheesy methods in PvP that could horrify the masses and sometimes i like to get creative, this time using a life skill to decimate foes in PvP! If someone uses a lvl 10 damage, speed reduction glyph and manages to pin someone down in one spot... you can do 200 dmg per second to them! So to save the people who PvP seriously the headache or... give those god teir ping players ideas to counter pummel... i decided to share my findings. No matter the % from 100-0, if you can hold them in place for 15-20 seconds (like say frozen blast) you can drain their HP into deep deadly and share a laugh with them! Good luck PvP scene!
  1. Should Bachram boost be disabled during PvP?1 vote
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    2. No
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