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DESTROYING MY PETS/ Sell or Trade for Pets?

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edited September 25, 2021 in Nao Marketplace
These pets will be Fynn Sync which means they will be "Destoyed permanently" and turning them into extra bags for main pets.

I will sell or trade for pets with same Inventory space. Grab them before you won't ever see them again in case you ever wanted a limited pet,

(Nao Server/ Bowsette)
(All Pets are lvl 200)

5 Ice Dragon
1 Unicorn (two mount)
4 Astral Lightning Dragon
6 Doki cat. (Looks like a Siamese cat with a ribbon)
14 Doki Dog (Look like a Jindo but white with a Detective Hat)
5 Lovely Scottish Fold
1 Ice Dragon
4 Astral Cheetah
1 Charcoal Cheetal
1 Holiday Mini Bear
3 Yellow Tiger Cub
1/1 White/Black HedgeHog
1 Baby Pig
1 Plush Bear
1 Flying Star
1 Band Monkey
1 Ethereal Mist War Horse/ Flame Horse
1 Royal Magic Carpet
1 Bull
1 Polar Bear Hat Seal
1 Wonderland Ferret
3 Cosmic Stallions
1 Black Cotton Ostrich
1 Lesser Panda
1 Eagle Owl
1 Mini Thunder Bird
1 White Poodle
1 Muffler Robe Jindo