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R> Burn (Come hang out and run content with us!)

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Burn is recruiting!!

Hello fellow Alexinians, and welcome new and returning players!!

We are inviting you all to join our chilled social-combat guild. With the new renovations around the corner, what better way then to enjoy the improved content with fellow guild members. Members from all levels of experience are welcome to join our team and have fun!

I make it my mission to help those in need; we can aid you build gear, run content for drops and play mabinogi in a fresh new light with a focus on teamwork and enjoyment. So whether you are someone itching to run tech, or someone who likes to take things slow we would love to see you chatting with us in our warm community. We could list the content we run through, but realistically if there is content you are interested in, we run it. As of the new renovations update; we will also be running early-mid game content more frequently such as Shadow Missions and Advanced Hardmode Dungeons.

Our community is looking to recruit social and life skill members too; so if you are interested in an enviornment where your playstyle is supported, look no further. We have plenty of people who are life skillers an commerce traders.

Feel free to join our discord server for ways to find groups for content, or even just a chat!

Burn has a very approachable guild and if you would like to learn more about us, our journey and how to apply; just DM myself on discord. Alternatively you can note Kyomiku in-game.
  1. What do you look for in a guild?2 votes
    1. Friends
       50% (1 vote)
    2. Group Content
       50% (1 vote)