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End of Reforging Tool Sales & New Reforging Tools

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Hello Milletians,

We are announcing the end of sales schedule for current Reforging Tools in the Cash Shop and the schedule for new Reforging Tool changes coming in November.

Current Reforging Tools End of Sale Schedule

During the maintenance on November 4th, 2021 (Thursday), the following 2 types of Reforging Tool items and all available bundles in the Cash Shop will be discontinued:

- Fine Reforging Tool (1), (11), and (35)
- Credne's Reforging Tool (1), (3), and (5)
- New Reforging Tools Schedule

A new Reforging Tool will be on sale after the maintenance on November 4th, 2021 (Thursday).

New Reforging Tools and changes to the system are being prepared.
Details regarding the new Reforging Tools, including a cash shop Reforging Tool item and obtainable in-game Reforging Tool items, will be provided through an announcement post.

Important Note

Existing Reforging Tools can be used in the same way as before after the sale ends.

Thank you,

-The Mabinogi Team