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Mutant animals stopped dropping items

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in Bugs and Glitches
I was training Level 1 Shyllien Ecology on my giant. One of the training requirements is "Obtain Mutant Animal Specimens". I was happily training this by attacking Mutant Rabbits in Outskirts District 1. All was going well, until the rabbits stopped dropping Mutant Rabbit Feet. They still occasionally drop leather or food items, but none of the Mutant Rabbit Feet that are needed for training Shyllien Ecology. Tried the Mutant Plants. Same problem. They won't drop the Mutant Plant Mucilage that would train Shyllien Ecology, though they do drop other stuff. Tried Outskirts District 2. None of the monsters there were dropping the items needed to train Shyllien Ecology either.

Switched to my elf and attacked some Mutant Rabbits. They're dropping feet in the normal manner. Switched back to my giant. No feet. Changed channels. Still no feet.

I wondered if it might be some sort of camping penalty. Did a continent warp to Uladh. Attacked some monsters there. Continent warp back to Iria. Still no Mutant Rabbit Feet.

Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it?


  • SyruneStarlightSyruneStarlight
    Mabinogi Rep: 670
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    As far as I'm aware it's something to do with an anti-bot feature in the area. Whatever it is, it's frustratingly annoying.
  • StormbeastStormbeast
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    Posts: 151
    it is an anti-bot camping penalty. After about 30 minutes in an area (not sm/dungeon) mobs will stop dropping items from their drop pools; they will continue to drop items from the ingredient hunting drop list. From testing, it seems like the only way to end the penalty is being logged in for 2 hrs without being in combat (possibly just in field areas, I just afk'd the timer out). It is worth noting that VIP Service removes camping penalties, so this doesn't affect any account with VIP.
  • Atheist42Atheist42
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,315
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    edited December 10, 2021
    Thanks Stormbeast. This was confusing me no end. The problem continued after maintenance, but then stopped after the second maintenance, and I could not figure out why one maintenance would not fix it and but a second maintenance did. I guess the second maintenance was the point where I just happened to hit the required two hours.