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Event/Sales Heads-Up! 12/2/21

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It's that time again, Milletians! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! This week, we're saying goodbye to an event and a few sales.

The event ending this week is the Autumn Night Camping Event. Collect your coins and exchange tickets and make sure to turn them in before Thursday's maintenance. Full details in the link below.

Autumn Night Camping Event:

Next is the Sales portion of the upcoming maintenance, starting with the Royal Mage's Box Gachapon. As usual, if you want to try for anything in the box, grab a stack before this is gone. May luck be with you.

Royal Mage Box Gachapon:

Finally, the big sale ending this week. It's the Black Friday sales. Get some great pets, VIP service, and some other items for lower prices. You can also purchase various packages that give you reforges, training seals and more. If you want VIP for a full year, now's the time to get it and you have until Thursday's maintenance. All details in the link below.

Black Friday Sales:

That's all for this week! Happy Gaming, everyone!~