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Items for sale

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edited December 18, 2021 in Nao Marketplace
Items for sale:
Please send PM or Comment.

Control Bar Stance Card
Lance Stance Card

Japanese Traditional Clothing M
Romantic Gothic Suit M + Romantic Gothic Boots M
Eluned's Fashionista Suit M
Vanalen Formal Wear M
Yukata Mini M
Bell Fox Outfit M
2012 Premium Winter Newbie Wear M
Bear Pajamas M
Old Saint Nick M
Count Cookie Suit M + Count Cookie Wig M
Royal Academy Gym Teacher Outfit M
Joyful Snowflake Coat M
Royal Rose Outfit M
Sheer Maritime Beach Coat M
Lymilark Choir Outfit M
Wild Card Suit M
Astrologer Outfit M
Peaceful Bohemian Wear M
Lovely Cupid Archer M
Eluned Starlet Circlet Outfit M
Casual Training Wear M
Autumn Breeze Wear M
Blissful Groom's Suit M
Luna Fairy Wear M
Musician Headpiece Outfit M
Special Solaris Wear M
Eluned Special Sacred Light Dress M
Eluned Sacred Light Dress M
Oshutoru's Outfit M
Panda Headband
Smilin' Flight Cap
Hamlet's Wig M
Bassanio Wig M
Yukata Mini Mask M
Ice Crown M
Shaman Wig M
Ruby Adorned Alchemist Beret M
Waffle Wizard Wig M
Avelin Wig M
Majestic Knight Wig M
Steampunk Inventor Wig M
Bamboo Hat
Suspiciously Blinged Out Mask
Deputy Commander Wig M
Vanguard Uniform Wig M
Autumn Wig M
Crazy Rich Milletian Wig M
Cheerful Barista Wig
Erinn Union Scout Wig M
Parade Band Wig M
Shadow Brigade Wig M
Sacred Light Wig & Hat M
Forest Ranger Wig M
Constellation Guardian Wig M
Candy Pop Denim Jacket Wig M
Superb Bird-of-Paradise Wig M
White Lovely Cupid Wings
Casual Training Sneakers M
Winter Messenger Outfit M
Winter Messenger Shoes M
Cherry Blossom Wig and Hairpiece F
Magical Blitz Cutie Angelic Halo
Lymilark Choir Hat M
Blissful Groom's Suit M

Bookshelf with Ladder

Transformation medals:
Kraken Rex
Blackened Darrig
Party Shamala
Little Ghost
Pathfinding Far Darrig
Kraken Leg
Barrier Guardian Spirit
Manannann's Servant
Mischievous Shuan

Appearance scrolls:
Royal Rose Shuriken
Royal Rose Lance
Elegant Lotus Chakram
Royal Rose Dual Gun
Royal Rose Chainblade
Sacred Light Dual Gun

Mature Bandaged Face F
Focused Mouth
Overdrive Dandy Cut M
Fancy Side Tail Hair M
Starry Eyes
Serene Eyes
Succubus Fiend Eyes
Daydreaming Eyes
Brusque Eyes
Deep Gaze Eyes
Stargazing Eyes
Starry Cloud Eyes
Uhh Mouth
Obsessive Mouth
Drooling Mouth
Cheerful Laugh Mouth
Shaky smile Mouth
Angry Mouth
Vampire Mouth
Long Snaggletooth Mouth
Caswyn Hair F
Fledgling Assassin Hair F
Boyish Hair F
Buntails Hair F
Cosmic Princess Hair F
Short Wavy Perm Hair F
Girl's Hair F
Romantic Half Updo Hair F
Starlet Hair F
Girlish Twin Tail Hair F
Brilluen Hair F
Macaron Mistress Hair F
Baby Volume Perm Hair F
Rosy Bun Hair F
Meryl Hair M
Avelin Hair M
Paris Hair M
Baby Volume Perm Hair M
Shylock Hair M
Bright Student Hair M
Sporty Cut Hair M
Elven Hair M
Count Cookie Hair M
Soft Blowy Waves Hair M
Two Block Swallow Perm Hair M
Patissier Hair M
Spiky Bangs M
Choppy Pompadour Hair M
Caswyn Hair M
Active Hair M