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Bard-Off info and updates

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Hello! Thank you for checking out the Nao Bard-Off! Please read the details of this contest below, or go to to see our history!

The next Bard-Off will be during the Winter Nao Fair in January, exact date and time TBD!

You can join the Nao Fair Discord server and the dedicated Bard-Off Discord server for any questions you may have, updates regarding the event, and general community camaraderie!

Prize Distribution (2 entrants)
+Grand Prize: 1m gold, composition item, judge spot*
+Runner up: 500k

Prize Distribution (No Category: all jam, all solo, or one solo and 3 jams sort of situation)
+First Place: 2m gold, composition item, judge spot*, 10k NX
+Second Place: 1m gold, composition item, judge spot* 10k NX
+Third Place: 1m gold
+Fourth Place: 500k gold
+Runners up: 300k gold

Prize Distribution (with categories)
Jam Category
+Grand Prize: 2m gold, composition item, judge spot*, 10k NX
+Second place: 1m gold
+Runners up: 500k gold
Solo Category
+Grand Prize: 1m gold, composition item, judge spot*, 10k NX
+Second place: 500k
+Runners up: 300k gold

Audience Favorite (Bonus Category!)
+Grand Prize: 1m gold
Get your entry checked in with our staff ~at least 24 hours before the start of the contest~ to be entered into a poll for a separate prize! A Strawpoll link will be provided to the audience via our Discord server!

*The grand prize winner of a given category will be offered the opportunity to sit as a judge for the following contest. This offer can be refused. Judges cannot enter the Bard-Off they are judging for, but can and are encouraged to make a showcase piece to be performed for fun!

How do I enter?
Contact one of the event runners via Mabinogi or Discord to get your entry checked in: Cypryss (Cypryss#3072) or Laeryhn (Laeryhn#4381). In an effort to have the event run as smoothly as possible, we strongly reccomend participants to get their MML's checked in with us as early as possible before the event. Please be mindful that it takes time to check and distribute scrolls to be able to be performed.

Your entry MUST be on a scroll(s) with your character's name as the composer and the notes visible. The code will be checked across the in-game Bard Bulletin Board and various MML sharing websites to ensure it was not copied.

Entries will NEVER be distributed to the public by the staff under any circumstances.

We are fellow bards as well, and we highly respect and value the hard work that goes into making music for Mabinogi. Cross-referencing MML resources and checking for similarities or plagiarism is as much for your benefit as it is ours; we don't want to see anyone's work be used for profit without express permission from the MML composer. Thank you for trusting us with your music!

How are entries scored?
Songs are scored on a 10 point scale per judge. (5 judges = 50 points total possible)
Due to the nature of this contest, there are no strict "X amount of points for Y" categories. An entry is judged overall based on the following considerations:
+How well the composition is put together
+How the piece sounds overall
+Instrument choice
+Attention to small details

All judges are committed to staying impartial and objective with the scores they give. Please note that the Audience Favorite category is subject to opinions that may or may not be based on technical knowledge of MML.
Can I enter if I only make covers of existing music?
Of course! Original compositions, arrangements, covers, your interpretation of someone else's work; anything and everything is welcome as long as you have edited the MML code yourself!

Can I enter if I only edit music for Mabinogi based on existing MIDI that I find?
Yes, this is no problem. Editing a MIDI for it to work in Mabinogi is a very common practice in the bard community, and requires a good understanding of how MML works. This makes pieces like these eligible for this contest!

I want to enter a large jam, how can I get enough people to perform my entry?
We understand that this can be difficult to coordinate by yourself. We will do our best to make sure your entry can be performed, regardless of if you cannot bring enough people to play your piece! However, it is worth noting that there could be factors beyond our control. As we cannot guarantee that all volunteer performers will have Hamelin Tuners or highly ranked Playing Instrument or Song, we recommend either;

1. Having a low Musical Knowledge rank, giving your scrolls a lower chance of inaccurate play

2. Include an appropriate amount of silence at the beginning of your song to allow for Freestyle Jam

We will now have a ~limit of 10 attempts at a successful Jam.~ If this number of attempts has been reached, you will be given the option to either perform it with Freestyle Jam, or be disqualified.

In the case of an entry resorting to Freestyle Jam, the judges will disregard the beginning of the song if it was not played as intended. This situation will not be penalized outright, but please be aware that the judges being unable to hear the beginning of your entry could result in a detriment to your score.

Other Important Notes
+We highly recommend testing your entry if possible, prior to performing it for the judges.

+Laighlinne partners are allowed, however it is your responsibility as the entrant to make sure they perform correctly. This means having them fed and with low stress, and having the player that owns them not have a part with vocals (microphone). These conditions are known to cause the partner to not play.

+An entrant requiring a rarer instrument (Piano, Harp, Drum Kit, Tuned or Festival instruments) for their song will be responsible for either playing that part themself, or arranging for someone who owns what they need to play it. We will assist you with this preparation if we have enough notice prior to the event, but we cannot guarantee access to one or more of these instruments for a last-minute entry requiring one.

+We do allow the use of Jabchiel scores. However, it is your responsibility to test your song beforehand to make sure it is coded correctly.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments!