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Price Check on these items please

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edited January 5, 2022 in Nao Marketplace
Hello guys, I am planning to sell these cosmetic items and I would love if anyone could help me PC these:

1. Blessed Ornament Hat
2. Blessed Ornament Cylinder Appearance Scroll
3. Blessed Ornament Cylinder Appearance Scroll
4. Winter Fairy Wig (F)
5. Winter Fairy Boots (F)
6. Lonely Winter Date Gloves (F)
7. Streetlight of Waiting
8. Winter Royal Garden Studio Set
9. Special Lovely Winter Date Cape Coat
10. Hauty Arctic Foxyquin Chair
11. Winter Knitwear Boots (F)
12. Holiday Halo (Dyeable)
13. Monochromatic Black Pack

I would be very grateful if anyone would be able to help me PC any of the above items. Thank you so much <3