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The QFS Makes it IMPOSSIBLE to Cheat/Commit Fraud?

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QFS = Quantum Financial-System

Wouldn't some of you like this kind of system/technology to exist in the multi-player games that you play...

...rather than saying too much... I am just just link a detailed explanation here... that link above this line...


  • ThePravinThePravin
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    Just like the block chain is infallible and the titanic couldn't be sunk.
  • HabimaruHabimaru
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    Good reference ? I mean, I always «trust the science» since the «science» has never been and is NEVER wrong...

    Spoiler-Content : References about how/why «science» has ALWAYS BEEN RIGHT, well, except for when...
    well, except for that time when «science» insisted that heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible, and, that other time when «science» insisted that floating continents are impossible, and, that other time when «science» insisted that the claim of invisible forces that the eye cannot see was nonsense (said to be vindicated by the invention of the microscope when it demonstrated the bacteria/viruses/pathogens/etc. ?), and, that other time when «science» insisted that it's not possible to communicate at a distance at speeds that are faster than horse-courier, and, that other time when «science» insisted that pictures can't move (before there was teLIEvision), and, that other time when «science» insisted that it's not possible to reproduce sounds without a ventriloquist, and, that other time when «science» insisted that rocks do not and cannot fall from the sky (before that meteor/ite landed near the French Academy of Sciences back in the some time mid last millennium), then there was the head of the Patent-Office also back from probably over a century ago who said that everything that can possibly be invented has already been invented, but, never-mind history repeating itself, I mean, all of that must be some sort of dumb luck coincidence, and, everybody knows that when «science» says that there are «absolutely NO "cures/treatments" for» [insert medical-panic-button here (unless our pharmaceutical-companies can profit$$$ from it THEN it's «legitimate» whilst ALL other claims are Quackery)] that you can definitely TRUST the SCIENCE since SCIENCE is NEVER WRONG and has NEVER BEEN WRONG IN ALL OF HISTORY, but, not to digress...
    ThePravin wrote: »
    Just like the block chain is infallible and the titanic couldn't be sunk.
    I would like to know more about whether the «Push for Bit-Coin/Crypto-Currencies» may possibly be some sort of extremely elaborate Social-Engineering scheme... what do you make of this paragraph from this article...?
    «So, these very large BTC transactions are peer-to-peer and do not involve exchanges at the front end, which is most interesting. And it’s not just Wall Street hyping bitcoin. Some fairly large banks leverage bitcoin too, for such reasons. We know the Security State has a backdoor into crypto as well, via the Colonial Pipeline affair, Razzlekhan Bitfinex, Gerald Cotten, MT Gox and many other examples, where crypto and skullduggery is involved. Of course governments have the contract on that skullduggery… just as they monopolize militarism and violence.» -Quoted from

    Does it seem likely that someone has these «back-doors» into all of the Cyrpto-Currency system(s) ? Are they planning on ending SWIFT (sounds like many sources believe this will happen soon) and just «herding» everyone into Crypto-Currencies ? I was speaking with a Financial-Representative the other day, regarding stuff about one of my cards (probably one of my debit-cards since the only Credit-Card my Person has is an AmEx which most businesses won't accept because of their high transaction-fees for the merchants), and, she was mentioning in our discussion and in answers to my questions about how the large banks dis-like Bit-Coin, and other Cyrpto-Currencies, because, the Block-Chain Technology is supposèdly taking away more power away from the Central-Banks, due to its largely elimination of any need for any middle-men to handle Crypto-Funds (but it's been my experience that there are still Transaction-Fees associated with transferring Cyrpto-Currencies from one Wallet into another or even just moving Crypto-Funds around within the same Crypto-Wallet, I guess it may depend on the Crypto-Wallet/Service though, fees which I thought were ridiculously high, causing me to question as to whom/what the said «fees» are even funding ?), although, she did say that she is still not an expert on it and is still doing her research on Cyrpto-Currencies and Block-Chain Technologies.

    Anyway... this does seem to me like a very important topic which everyone should take an interest... thoughts ?