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RE:Life Update

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edited April 26, 2022 in Vault
Check out the details of the RE:Life Update on the webpost!



  • XLeexXLeex
    Mabinogi Rep: 310
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    It's a great start to revamping Life skills, while some things are questionable, I look forward to you all doing more with them.
  • LoomyOfPiLoomyOfPi
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    When I saw that there was a life skill revamp coming, I was hoping they would do this event (essentially the same as the the Pet-Trainer event), so I held off some particulars related to life skill training and anticipated using skill seals instead. I wish the bonus seal would either not be for skills that are already r1, be usable on r1 skills, or somehow be exchanged for another life skill. But overall, I'm thrilled.
  • UnpayedUnpayed
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    edited May 3, 2022
    While the update is much needed for life skillers and makes me glad they aren't abandoned.

    + So it took... this long to make us create our own quality of silks and fabrics. Much needed. 10+ years of the struggle was long enough.
    + 100% Craft Rate. No longer we would roll a 1 and "Tailor/Smith our hand into the creation".
    + Collection journal!
    + At least Shayla can get Common Silks now instead of Common Leather Strap Surpluses.

    - Several equipment ingame that used to be made from Tailoring and Smithing are now unobtainable. This means things such as Mari's Archeress School wear, Bangle of the Far East, Diamond Patterned Wears... or in other words, Event/Gacha Manuals and Patterns cannot be used, as the new UI doesn't display them.
    - It took this long to uncap the success rate?!?
    - There's stuff in the Collection Journal that no one will ever get - The repair kits, for example. If I recall they were old gacha only. (Broken Dittes wand, Claus Knight, Bonita ribbon)- Can't trust the wiki without proof that they drop normal.