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Events/Sale Heads-Up! 6/30/22

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Alright, Milletians! It's that time again. With the Commerce Update on its way this Thursday, we'll also be saying farewell to some events and a sale!

To start things off is the Champion of Commerce Event! This event was a bit short, only two weeks, but I hope you all have been working on your commercing so you can get some nice prizes, like a coupon to obtain the new commerce mounts for free when the update comes!~ Not a bad prize! Just make sure to use it within 30 days of receiving it or it expires! You can also earn prizes by placing in the rankings as well. More details in the link below.

Champion of Commerce Event:

Dragon Master Season 2 is next! Hopefully, everyone has been able to get a Marshal Fire Dragon. You get one for doing the Attendance portion of this event, but you can get a second from collecting materials and bringing them to Meiling so she can craft a horn to summon a dragon. This fails a lot, so props to anyone with the patience to get the 2nd one (I gave up lol XD). Also, if you do the secondary event were Meiling needs to feed her dragon, you can get a 2nd title with a fire effect and a Shamala Transformation Medal for the Marshal Fire Dragon!

Dragon Master Season 2:

The last event ending this week is the Renovation Buffs and Hotdays Event. I hope you were logging in on the weekends and getting your hotday prizes like the 2nd title coupon. It adds luck and a nifty visual effect. Also, the other active portion of this event ended on Sunday. Oops. Welp, it's going away with the maintenance. Make sure to stack your title coupons manually, they do not auto-stack, whether you press the button or not!

Renovation Buffs and Hotdays Event:

The last item of note is the Guardian of the Divine Beast Box Gachapon. When you open a box, you get Golden Experience Fruit in addition to whatever you pull out of the box, and that fruit does your experience bar good! A bit more fairy-themed this time, but still nifty. As usual, if you see anything you like, try a stack!

Guardian of the Divine Beast Gacha:

I hope summer so far has been treating people kindly and everyone's been having a good one! Make sure to stay hydrated and wear that sunblock when you're outside! And for when you're back in Erinn, Happy Gaming, Everyone!~ o((>ω< ))o