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Additional Renown NPCs

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edited August 16, 2022 in Feedback and Suggestions
I think it'd be nice to add additional NPCs to the renown system, further amplifying various stats that are not already covered by the current cast of Renown NPCs.

I've written two examples of what I'm going for, things are always up for tweaking as I'm mainly focusing on the flavor of what these characters represent:
Ferghus [2000 Daily Cap]
Renown from Ferghus, the Weapon Breaker.
Renown increases Piercing Level
[Can Exceed Max Piercing Cap]

You can acquire Renown from Ferghus through failure.
• Fail at crafting.
• Fail at gathering.
• Fail at special upgrading.
• Lose special upgrade levels.
• Fail at enchanting.
• Lose total durability on an item from a failed special upgrade, enchantment or repair.
• Destroy a piece of equipment from a failed special upgrade, enchantment or. repair.
• Get knocked unconscious.
Nao [2000 Daily Cap]
Renown from Nao, the Soul Stream Guide.
Renown increases Quest Completion Experience %

You can acquire Renown from Nao through your unwavering determination as a Milletian.

• Complete a quest.
• Gain a level.
• Be revived from unconsciousness.
• Aquire a Huge Lucky Finish or Huge Lucky Gather.
• Grow a year older.
• Rebirth.
• Raise a skill rank.
I would love to see some creative ideas from you all!

There is so much untapped potential in this system that I feel can still be thoroughly explored, please post some of your own ideas below.


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    1. That's too OP. However if it was implemented, It would be watered down, with multiple levels of the same piercing level.
    2. No comment.

    Suggestions include A renown that gives:
    - Damage Bonus
    - Magic Attack
    - Basically any stat.
    If they want to pull a page from WoW, they can make the renown making you able to see their shops. Heck, probably replace likeability with renown for their secret shops.
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    It's all up for reworking but it was just one idea, like I said I'm really focusing more on the themes the characters represent, and I don't see why adding a small bonus to quest experience gain would be strange considering there is already one for Shadow Mission experience gain.

    It would be nice if they added the characters that have secret shops to allow you to bypass the likeability system but at the same time it'd invalidate the use for gifting/likeability potions.

    I'd love to read some more ideas, sure maybe the piercing might be too strong but it can always be something else that fits Ferghus as a character, I don't really see him as a fighter or warrior so a max damage increase doesn't really fit him, maybe something minor like injury rate would fit him better.

    Still, its fun to brainstorm and see what stats could represent different characters.