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Apus's Artshop!

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edited September 1, 2022 in Art Creations
~Apus's Artshop~

I took a long break from Mabi but I'm back and I'm opening commissions! If you're interested, comment, pm or message me on discord (apus#0956)!


Prices are in USD. $1 USD = 1M Gold

- For comms $20 and under, I require payment upfront. If over, I can take half of the payment before and the other half after finishing
- I'll always send a WIP sketch to you to confirm pose/details. For colored pieces, I will make changes after coloring too but only for details/specific color tones

Here are some other examples of my work and style~! You can also check out my tumblr and deviantart below, although they've not been updated for some time haha

Sketchpage example:
I absolutely love doing these. If you're interested, message me to discuss prices and specifics! They start at $70