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Why Do You Choose to Be a Materialist ? Happiness?

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Whilst there may be a few varying definitions of «Materialism», for all intents and purposes, this is about reflecting upon ourselves internally, and, begs the question, what, exactly, happens to be the End-Goal of Materialism/Materialists ? I actually had a dialogue with a «Materialist» the other day, and, eventually, I had to ask, what did he consider to be important ? For mineself, I mentioned Freedom, and, a Drama-Free Existence. His response was Freedom & Happiness, for which I then clarified, that, I consider a Drama-Free Life to automatically be a Happy one, and, that Happiness is probably important to everyone (hopefully & preferably without coming at others' expense).

Numerous articles have been published by various Psychology journals/publications, regarding Materialism, and, its effects on one's well-being; each and every single one of those articles concludes, according to the studies that are referenced, that, Materialism only leads to misery/unhappiness.

Everyone in the «normie» world grows up with Materialism, even I did, but, entire books have been written on why it's a Fallacy...
...with that mentioned : Don't you think it's about time to start (re-)evaluating what Materialism has really done for you ?
I really do find it very strange that nearly every Materialist I come across seems to be extremely predictable. Why is this so ?
The main thing that makes me know what they are going to say, even before they say anything, really revolves around the fact that the last several dozens of Materialists also all seemed to say the exact same or very similar things, almost like they think I have never heard it being said before... particularly for certain topics... I have NEVER seen/witnessed any cases where numerous «Materialists» did not respond/object to Questions about the Validity of the Materialist World-View on any High-Visibility medium, and, always with pejoratives (e.g. : pseudo-science/pseudo-scientific [this particular term being amongst the most-common of them all]).