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Two People looking for a guild

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Me and my boyfriend are currently going to be looking for a new guild on this server. Now We are both veteran plays who have played for 4-5 years on Mari. (Total levels are 16k and 20k ) So we know pretty much everything about the game. Only thing is on this server our characters are pretty new since we have only been on this server for a few months.

My character on Alexina is only 1.3k total level
My Boyfriend's is under 500 (only because his computer has broken down for a few months now and he can only play on his laptop for an hour or so and even then he cant do much)

We are both kind and helpful people who are quite experience in the game, despite the low level.

Things we want in a guild:

Active please (now not talking 24/7 everyone needs to be on kinda stuff. But it would be nice to be in a guild that plays mabi and does events and stuff)
People who want to run dungeon's, SM's, Lords, Raids, ETC and not just sit around all day and do nothing
Discord please, we both are active on Discord and wouldn't mind a guild with a discord
Helpful, friendly people. People who enjoy a good laugh, and provide great company.

No drama please! I understand that little tiny things happen and fights break out and stuff but please, We don't want to be in a guild were drama happens all the time and it lasts for days on end. Please,

I guess that is all. Since my boyfriend can't get online right now much, you can contact me and I can relay information over to him about guilds.

IGN: Windwanderer
Please add/note (I don't see whispers)