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Newsletters: Not received despite being subscribed

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edited July 9, 2023 in Feedback and Suggestions
I play Mabinogi actively, and have been subscribed to newsletters since 2020. However, somewhere at start of 2022, I stopped receiving newsletters. I didn't notice at first, only did during anniversary. I checked settings on my nexon account page, made sure I was subscribed for 2023 anniversary. Sadly, I didn't receive it still.

Upon contacting support through the ticket system, they told me to change my email linked to my nexon account. I've done that but I didn't receive newsletters still. All it did was erase my ticket history, which details me having this issue for over a year now.

As instructed by Support, I've created a new ticket since I didn't receive recent newsletter (Erinn Gazette: 6). Strangely, they told me to create a post here or on Official Mabinogi Discord, and there is nothing they can do to help.

Things I've done to troubleshoot

1. Removed subscription and re-subscribed.
2. Checked Filters and Blockers on Gmail settings to be sure is not blocked/filtered.
3. Checked spam, trash, promotions and other folders just in case.
4. Changed my email linked to account as requested.
5. Contacted Gmail support (they informed me it must be an issue with the bulk sender and to contact game's support)

Other useful notes

1. I was receiving ticket updates ( to my old email and now they are correctly received to my new one.
2. I'm receiving other Nexon newsletters I'm subscribed to including nexon newsletters, Maplestory and KartRider:Drift.
3. I'm receiving all other non-Nexon newsletters/subscriptions without any issue.

As you can imagine, with items being given out through newsletter codes (even though they are just Style Tab and whatnot), I'm beyond frustrated that despite my best effort, Support can barely even verify my email is on their bulk sender list (I asked). So, all I can do is follow their advice on creating a post here.

From talking to people in Official Discord Server, I've realized I'm not the only one facing this issue.

So if you are not receiving newsletters, even though you are subscribed, please comment below. Perhaps add what email service provider you are using. I'm using Gmail.

I low-key suspect Gmail's November 2022 update to bulk sender guidelines might have something to do with this, but I'm not a technical professional.

Hopefully, if enough people are affected, Mabinogi team will look into this and we can all receive 2024 anniversary mail :c


  • HawkleafHawkleaf
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    Hi! This is Marotori from the Discord server. Took a bit to find this one because I figured it would’ve been a tech support one but nonetheless!

    My alternative account has gotten the emails and I also checked my promotions tab and junk on my main account just to be safe, but I also have not been receiving any kind of Nexon promotional emails regardless of it being Mabi related or not.