Check out all of the details of this month's Patch Notes, featuring the May Quality of Life Updates!
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August QoL Updates & Patch Notes

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Hello Milletians! ❤

We're happy to announce the release of August's Quality of Life Updates! You may have caught a sneak peak from our official Content Preview Stream (link to video), but we're here to deliver the full details in our web posts!

We have a TON of Auction House changes (and fixes with our recent maintenances!) with some extra QoL additions, all live as of August 10, 2023!

Make sure to check out all details here:
August Quality of Life Updates Updates
Patch Notes

Please share your feedback about the updates here in this thread! I'm excited to read all about your thoughts! ❤


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    The stacking behavior changed to fill from bottom-up. My inventory is optimized for the original top-bottom stacking. Any way in options to select one way or other as preference?