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Arpeggio Concert Hall NPC concerts no more

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I brought this up in General Discussion but no one seemed to care. Many millietians are probably too new to even know this exist.

The Permanent Schedule for the NPC concert that hold in channel 3 - 7 at 8:00 PM PDT every Saturday and Sunday stopped working and there's no more concerts anymore.

Here's the official announcement and I cannot seem to find any reports announcement that they are stopping the NPC concerts.



  • ArcielliaArciellia
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    Ah I'm really sorry if I missed this in the General Discussions! I'm glad you're reposting it here.
    I've forwarded it to my team to see if anything can be done regarding this!
  • RyushiroRyushiro
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    So any news? I recently came back and found this out, tried to get the potion point but nothing happened at the specified time.