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Chevaliers is recruiting!

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edited September 9 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello everyone! Chevaliers Sans Frontières is recruiting.

Are you seeking to start fresh? Join a small welcoming community? Becoming a knight? (only in-game, sorry). If you're looking for all that, this might be the right guild.

Chevaliers is a small guild that originated from the Tarlach server, and our history is long and rich. Our guild is organized as a knightly order, hence our name - Knights Without Borders.

We can offer you a community where we run content, share knowledge, and help each other like a family (a family of knights!).

Our goals are simple: bettering ourselves and helping the community.

Start your application today! You can find the application form to fill out below! After you apply here we'll review your information and then we would like to interview you!


Need more information before you decide on applying?

DM Dlanoir or Rockk in-game

We are Knights Without Borders.

- Commander Rockk