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Introducing Community Manager Elebon!

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Hi Milletians!

I have some exciting news...! I've been keeping this a secret for a little bit, but I am beyond excited to introduce you all to our newest Mabinogi Community Manager, @Elebon ! Elebon is an experienced Milletian, but I’ll let them introduce themselves.

This doesn't mean I'm leaving, though!! I'm still your CM through and through. Elebon will be here to help me out with all of my daily tasks here with Mabinogi. This means that I’ll have more time for everyone, and we’ll have even more improvements coming to the server! Now with Elebon, we’ll be able to truly cover a lot more of your feedback.

I’ve had the joy of effectively working with Elebon for the past year, and I know he’s an absolute treat to have. Please give Elebon a warm welcome, and don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you need anything! ❤


  • ElebonElebon
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    Hello fellow Milletians!

    It's great to meet you all formally! I'm Elebon! As Arciellia has mentioned, I'll be Mabinogi's newest Community Manager and will be helping Arcie with the game overall. As with Arcie, ya'll are free to reach out to me as well if you have any questions or concerns. My DMs will also be open if you would like to discuss a matter privately.

    As for myself, I'm a longtime Mabinogi player - you might have seen me around in-game and especially on the Discord - it's a dream come true to be working on the other side to help all players, ensure your feedback is heard, and to help improve your experience with Mabinogi overall! Outside of Erinn, I'm a fan of strategy games in general, especially the Civilization series! While I'm not entirely new to the world of Erinn, I did take a hiatus for several years and only recently started up again, so I'm still learning the ropes of the newer content, so feel free to send me any tips that might have changed since I last wielded my trusty blacksmith hammer!
  • HelsaHelsa
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    I've heard that the secret to "moving up" in the corporate world is to make sure that there is a clear candidate to replace you. This way the organisation can afford to promote you. It's seems contradictory, if one has concerns regarding "job security" and such, but, as long as one is competent then, it's not an issue; see? So, good for you! You'll be running the place before too long. Start learning Korean!

    If, by any chance, you're French then you should be Ellebonbon; just sayin'. Anyway, "Welcome to the jungle, baby".
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    Thanks for making DIY flashy dyes permanent. :D