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Mabinogi BEYOND Update Preview

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edited November 9, 2023 in News and Announcements

You betta WORK, Milletians! ❤

We're here to show off a sneak peak for what you can expect for November's content: Mabinogi BEYOND, coming soon on November 16th!
Click here for the Update Preview!

Of course, I'll go over all details in a near future stream! Keep an eye out for it~

Please share your feedback about the BEYOND hype here in this thread! I'm excited to read all about your thoughts! ❤
  1. What are you looking most forward to?5 votes
    1. Part-Time Jobs!
       40% (2 votes)
    2. Eiry, my Beloved!
       60% (3 votes)
    3. QoL Changes!
       0% (0 votes)


  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    6th spirit weapon...can we get another fishing event please? :D
  • ShunnShunn
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    Always love QoL updates but I am excited for the part-time job changes!