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Gloomy Sunday Question

Mabinogi Rep: 810
Posts: 6
in General Chat
I am upgrading my gloomy sunday, following the wiki and all but...
I noticed it says there's a +2 music buff for gem ug on it?
However, I see people with a gem upgrade +8? Where do I even find that... Thanks!


  • KttyKtty
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,295
    Posts: 885
    The 'Music buff effect +8' that's listed at the end of the upgrades isn't from the gem upgrade (not entirely). It's from the total of the music buff effect upgrades that are Common Instrument Upgrades, specificly the 'Apply Finish' upgrade (+6), as well as the gem upgrade (+2) for a total of +8. The 'Music buff effect +8' and 'Music Buff Duration +10 sec' Listed at the bottom of the Item Attributes (if it is in fact there) is from 'Break Gloomy Sunday Seal' upgrade (a Gloomy Sunday specific upgrade which is why those added attributes get listed there and not added with the others in the upgrade section) performed by Endelyon, Walter or Art.

    Wiki page for instrument upgrades.
    Wiki page for Demonic Gloomy Sunday.