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BEYOND Update & Patch Notes

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Hello Milletians! ❤

We're happy to announce the release of the BEYOND Update! You may have caught a sneak peak from our official Content Preview Stream (link to video) and our Design Post teaser, but we're here to deliver the full details in our web posts!

Make sure to check out all details here:
Patch Notes

Please share your feedback about the updates here in this thread! I'm excited to read all about your thoughts! ❤


  • Starthepurple1Starthepurple1
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    edited November 16, 2023
    I wish I had encouraging feed back about the ptj update ...but I & others flat out find it a mess & worse x.x
    ptjs got gutted. not only do you have to fight with the ptjs new interface, you have to fight with the fact that
    some of the ptjs npc's /places rewards have changed.
    like the Vales Healer ptj. It gave holy water for all the years I've been playing (since 2009). After this update, no more holy water.
    The holy water market is just going to get worse. if not flat out die. No one will be up for buying a stack of holy water that empties all their coin.
    The reason I say this is... I was getting 24 holy water per ptj cycle. now if I'm lucky i'll only get 12 - 14 maybe.
    the holy water market is tight/limited as it is.
    On the boards you cant even see what your rewards could/would be other than ptj points.... X.X not helpful in the least.
    Sadly, one more thing.. why have the ptj boards when you still have to turn in at the npc. not at the board o.o'
    makes zero sense.
    This is the worst! update so far = <

  • KaisKais
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    I think there is a bug sometimes.
    I got a ptj from Nerys to deliver an item to Glenis.
    I couldn't deliver the item no matter how many times I talked to Glenis.
    I tried dragging the item to be delivered to her and that didn't work either.
    I ended up failing a quest that is supposed to be really easy.
  • AmazoliteAmazolite
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    So I am not one to post or complain for that matter, but this new update is not what I would consider a positive move as far as ptjs go.
    Ptjs is how I like to make my $$$. So now you want me to get the items AND use points to get the holywater??? Then Vales was gutted of holywater, so now it will take even longer to get anywhere $$$ wise.... IDK, its just not making a lick of sense to me. Then the Boards for the parttimes....why??? I still have to go to the npc to turn in, way too many extra steps in my mind. Thats not even considering the holywater market, IDK maybe thats what you all want, to k Not a Fan!!!!
  • SatsureikonSatsureikon
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    Thus far I'm really enjoying the update! Part-time jobs outside of the ones that rewarded holy water or seeds in the past now feel rewarding. The lack of a re-worked gold reward is a bit unfortunate, but the EXP rewards are nice and honestly comparable to shadow mission exp rewards. I really enjoy how many items that were previously only tied to more obscure locations or tasks, like the Frost Thread or Campfire Crystal, or phased out largely, like the Camp Kit, are obtainable this way. The board is a good repository of information and expedites the jobs somewhat, but to echo what Star up there said, I think not being able to do job turn-ins at it kind of hobbles the usefulness a little. It may take some time to adjust to the new rewards or reward allocations, but overall I see this as a positive change. As for the holy water market, I think it'll be fine. You still get roughly the same amount of holy water per job tier as long as you make sure you collect the max amount your point allowance can afford by clicking the reward multiple times.

    Putting aside the PTJ updates, I really enjoy the dollbag additions. They've convenient for everyone and they'll make it so certain pickup categories aren't just plain out of reach for people who don't have enough gold. My biggest complaint with this update is the new quest windows are rather large and not able to be resized.
  • An0nym0usAn0nym0us
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    edited November 17, 2023
    How do I delete a comment I made?
  • HelsaHelsa
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    An0nym0us wrote: »
    How do I delete a comment I made?

    You can't but you can edit the post (gear in the top right of it), remove what you said, replace it with, say, "Please delete", and make it the staff's problem.
  • 000000
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    edited November 19, 2023
    Personally, this update is such a winner.

    Not only is the PTJ board a delight for discovery at a quick glance, but the renewed rewards make many tasks much more worthwhile now. Running around doing various PTJs (even if vastly revamped) evokes a sense of nostalgia from ancient times, which is always nice.

    Speaking of ancient times and nostalgia... I'd long awaited Eiry's return, and the fact that she's here to stay + grace us with an extra spirit slot = huge W.

    There are a few bugs to iron out (Nerys' delivery, Atrata being very stingy and not handing out any rewards, incorrect times listed, etc.) but overall I've had a great time.

    And the Build-a-Bag Workshop™ feature is just fantastic. I'd dreamt about such a thing arriving via maybe gacha or event, but having this enabled retroactively for all dollbags is the best.

    Sadly, one more thing.. why have the ptj boards when you still have to turn in at the npc. not at the board o.o'
    makes zero sense.
    This is the worst! update so far = <

    > "Ah yes, Kristell's left a flier about wanting some apples for the church"
    > "I guess I'll just drop them here, on the ground..."
    > *drops bag of apples at the PTJ board*
    > *staples on a note: "FOR KRISTELL - DO NOT TOUCH"*
    > *awaits Kristell noticing and owl-mailing teleporting a reward through*

    And turning in at the NPC makes zero sense? :wink:

    If you'd like, you're free to totally ignore the board. Initiating PTJs through keyword remains an option, while the board serves as a handy hub to quickly discover and initiate available tasks.

    Optimised HW farming hasn't been impacted either. You can still park multiple characters at any church and fill a pet (or pets) with eggs/potatoes/apples/etc. Cycle through each character, fetch whatever the daily item is from pet inventory, and turn it in. With 5 characters (life talent + adv PTJ) that's at least 60HW in ~1 minute.

    Nexon provides several free character cards, and you can always invest in more to optimise further!

    If you feel it's become tedious to obtain, and others agree, prices should rise. Since people will always happily pay for convenience, I'm surprised to see a salesperson despairing rather than celebrating :mrgreen: Prices may be trending down due to the event, but they'll normalise after it concludes.
  • AgentJeanAgentJean
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    Are the Doll Bag improvements "bugged" or working as intended.

    I have a Linden Bag that is now picking up Herbs along with Stained Shyllien Crystals but it's not picking up Mutant Rabbit feet or plant mucus.

    Similar thing with the Incubus King bag, it's now picking up soft hillween ore, zinc and tin but it's not picking up emerald cores.