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Pan Gets A Haircut?!

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Not sure how I feel about this video. Sheering Pan has always been one of my goals but he looks so strange with that haircut. Who wouldn't want to sheer the that can't be sheered? It is like adding a map that the game doesn't want you to get to easily (like the Belvast Court House) and that just makes me want to accomplish it even more. What if we got a new Pan update maybe where Pan walks around randomly in Iria and can be sheered once by one player once week and it takes the rest of the week for his wool to grow back? Sort of like discovering the Iria dungeons for achievements. Like Pan is running from Lorna's haircuts and we have to help her sheer Pan. That would be a cool update! Maybe I'm just crazy, what does everyone else think?

  1. Who has ever wanted to sheer Pan?4 votes
    1. Of Course!
       50% (2 votes)
    2. No!
       0% (0 votes)
    3. Maybe?
       50% (2 votes)