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Feedback about website

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edited March 12 in Feedback and Suggestions
[These are fixed now!]

Didn't know where else to post this, other than here. Finally decided to post about it after 2 weeks of seeing it too.

On the Sorbet Wedding Box Rates & Items page, the item Secret Forest Bracelet & Butterfly Ring (F) has two &&'s.

On the Doki Doki Island event page, this highlighted sentence needs a fix. Saying "you'll both still be given a" or "you'll both still receive a" would work.

Thanks for fixing them Elebon!


  • ZarricZarric
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    I'd also like to complain about the PVP tournament post.

    Initially it didn't state that Arcana skills would be banned for all phases of it, I was discouraged from entering because of that.
    Now then, its been changed AFTER the registration has been closed to state that it is indeed banned for all phases now. If it stated that from the very beginning, I would of put in the effort to actually enter.

    This makes it feel unfair due to the rules being changed after it was closed, giving no chance to enter under the new rules.
    It would be best to run the registration and event again right after the other one is done, or just cancel the other one and redo it all.
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited March 10
    You are just going to have to adapt and do your best dude. Also get some practice in aligning to the skills you can use and try to come up with some strategies. It's useless to complain because they are allow to amend the rules as much as necessary before the tournament to make sure it is fair for everyone. Arcana is too OP and it makes perfect sense that they would ban it because you can one-shot with some of those skills. I bet you were hoping for that for that very reason. Sorry bub, no easy wins for you. Also would an easy win be considered an actual win?
  • ZarricZarric
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,510
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    No, you misread it completely.

    I DIDN'T ENTER because of the Arcana skills being allowed at all. If it had stated that from the start, I would of considered entering.
    I didn't expect some easy win, west coast people have the advantage anyways when it comes to it and if I were to make it past the 1st round I'm sure I'd of ended up against someone with a destructive robe and at least a S50 ruin, nightbringer or Soluna or some equivalent of such gears anyways.

    The point of the post was that:
    1: It didn't deny the usage of Arcana skills on the semi/final phase BEFORE the end of the registration.
    2: It was changed AFTER it was closed, which yeah sure they can change it whenever but it makes it look worse when its done like it was.

    At the end of it, it's whatever now. It's pointless to complain about anything I guess and may as well just not really use the forums at all like I've been.
  • ElebonElebon
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    Member, Administrator, Nexon
    edited March 11
    Hi Zarric,

    I apologize and can understand your frustration. The decision to change the rule was at the last minute and wasn't taken lightly because we wanted to ensure that players planned on what they had signed up for. We will not be making any further rule changes, regardless of how the matches play out for this time around. I've been gathering all the feedback, sentiment, and comments about this tournament however, so we can make it better in future tournaments.

    I've also updated the text errors you've posted about. Arciellia and I are trying to do better about checking and participating on the forums more often.