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Mabinogi Eternity Microsite

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Hey Milletians! ❤

I'm beyond excited to announce the preview for the Mabinogi Eternity Project Microsite!
Developer Blogs have arrived in English! Check out our brand-new Mabinogi Eternity Project Microsite!
You'll be able to access this microsite through our main Mabinogi Website as well! Here's the announcement specifically for that! Check Out the Mabinogi Eternity Project


  • Atheist42Atheist42
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    I thought I had no interest in the complexities of 3D modelling, but I found the explanations given by your developers utterly fascinating. Many thanks to your developers for this, and to the English translators.

    If you intend to regularly post forum alerts when the Eternity Project Microsite is significantly updated, perhaps the Eternity Project deserves its own topic in the forums, rather than just being threads in the News and Announcements topic.