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Remove expiration timers!

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edited March 18 in Feedback and Suggestions
Let players hoard potions, passes and other items without fear of them expiring!

Dungeons, Shadow Missions and Baltane Missions are already a big time investment, whenever I get a bunch of passes from an event they usually all spoil and waste away unused in my inventory and end up being thrown away, same with potions, if a player wants to hoard a bunch of movement speed or magic/physical boosting potions then let them!

I understand maybe wanting to keep things like the Arcana flickering flames on the timer to incentivize players to sink gold into them before they run out, but a lot of items probably need to be looked over and made into permanent drops.
  1. Should expiration timers be reworked/removed?3 votes
    1. YES
       67% (2 votes)
    2. NO
       33% (1 vote)