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Event/Sale Heads-Up! 3/28/24

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Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! We're saying farewell to a hotday event and a sale with this week's maintenance!

So with the update to the VIP service a couple of weeks ago, we're at the point we'll be saying farewell to the Combination VIP Hotday. For those who have yet to utilize the VIP service in Mabi, or those who were lost on what the update would entail, I hope this has addressed that! I like the idea of having a free bank access vs. having to pull a bank coupon from the boxes! However, bear in mind, there has been a change to those boxes. Bear in mind that on Friday (or if you pull them via the random ones), the Baltane Mission passes are now timed passes, meaning they now expire, so please consider that when opening your boxes. For more details, see the link below.

Combination VIP Hotday:

As typical, the sale that's ending this week is a gachapon box. It's the Blue Dragon's Chosen Box. There's some nice clothing and accessories, including Ancient Support puppets (I believe those do not have a timer, so they don't expire each day like standard ones do). So as per usual, if you see anything you like in these boxes, pick up a stack! Full drop rates and list in the link below!

Blue Dragon's Chosen Box:

That's all for this week! Happy Gaming, Everyone!~