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Adjust Personalized/Character-Bound Items

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edited April 16 in Feedback and Suggestions
While it does help with protecting items if you accidentally drop an item or you end up getting hacked, there's still a bit too much restriction regarding items bound to your character. You cannot put them items into your Dressing Room or pet inventory to save storage, it can crowd the Me tab (which is more often than not used for storyline items), especially if one doesn't have a bag, and there's no way to completely remove the personalized status. The Trade Unlock Potion is temporary and only becomes re-personalized once equipped again. It could also cause issues for those trying to help their friends gear up.

This is also an annoyance for those who end up personalizing the item by mistake, either by not paying attention or not realizing what they're doing leads to this issue.

The solutions that come to mind are to:
- 1A: Make personalization bound to the entire account rather than a single character, keeping the Trade Unlock Potion in play. Or...
- 1B: Create an item that removes personalization entirely without destroying the item, which can also be useful for accidental binding.
- 2: Lessen the restrictions on where you can store the personalized item; allowing pet storage and/or dressing room storage.

Solution 1B could render the Trade Unlock Potion redundant...
But the potion itself can be taxing on one's wallet, especially if you needed more than one.
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