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Can you?

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I don't know if this is in the right spot sorry ^^;

But for books like cooking, can you use them with one character then give them to another character to learn from them? Or are they just one use only?

Example: opened Gordon's secret shop was painful, my main read the book on boiling, now can I reuse that same book to give to my alt to one day use to learn boiling or does she need her own book of the same thing?

Thanks for answering!

Hope its clear enough, what I am asking, let me know.


  • ShoogShoog
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    edited March 9, 2017
    Sadly you can only use it once for only one character.

    EDIT: Gonna add a bit more to my initial post. ^^ If a book no longer has a seal on it or if it says the reward has already been received from the book, then it's not usable for another character. The only thing they would be good for afterwards, is to read for fun. I've seen other players attempt to sell used up books in their shops or on housing. Idk if they arent' aware they can't be reused or just being sneaky lol. Anyways, hope that info helps!
  • CaissaCaissa
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    I believe your main should be able to buy a second copy and send that one to your alt.
  • RukiyaRukiya
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    Well drat! Lol
    But yes that clears things up nicely.
    Thanks to you both for the answer and the suggestion~