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minor typo in Allestru's Etiquette Book SM

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I know it's a minor typo, but I think staff kind of invited people to report typos awhile back.

In the shadow mission "Allestru's Etiquette Book", the last screen of dialogue that Buchanan speaks has the typo. It's the last word of the 2nd to last line of text he speaks in that mission. I think he should be saying "in" instead of "it" for that word.

What is the issue?
Buchanan says he has a book someone would be interested "it." This seems to be a typo.

What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
Play through the shadow mission Allestru's Etiquette Book until you reach the last screen of text that Buchanan speaks in the mission. Wait for the text to finish displaying.

What do you expect to happen instead?
I expect Buchanan to say he has a book someone would be interested "in."



  • ElebonElebon
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    Hi David! Thanks for finding the text bug! Yes, we always welcome to be notified of any bugs you might encounter so we can make Erinn as bug-free as possible. Feel free to post more as you see them! I've let the QA team know about this text error.