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Inventory expansion (Edited)

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edited March 29, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions

I previously stated an inventory expansion was a good idea.
I realized I didn't really go into much detail about the idea.

So, a crappy drawing was in order. >:C
Anyway, moving on, I think either adding a new "Basic" tab would be a good idea, seeing as how the "Me" and "VIP" tabs are unable to hold bags. They only hold quest items and personalized items (Me tab), or just have random things to carry around from weapons to armor, clothing, etc. The VIP tab is also able to hold shop licenses and shop brownies. The downfall is unable to hold bags.
The bags are great, the sizes vary and all, but due to how they are in the inventory, it gets a little hectic.
This is my basic inventory, I have no room for the three other bags I have. I can't be continuously playing Tetris in order to organize and have all the things I need.
As I am sure others are the same. I know there are some bags that are vertical and are a one by two inventory size, I've seen them in Bobo's youtube videos. Along with some that look like they're one by one cells.
The Basic 2 tab would benefit people who have tons of bags and need all of them. If this isn't possible, then maybe we can have the current bags we have remodeled to be one by twos or one by ones. This would also give the best utilization of our inventories.
A good modification to the "Search" bar in our inventories would be to open the bag, or bags, that have the items we're looking for instead of just highlighting them and you needing to search through all your bags to do so.
It'd make things a lot easier, in my opinion.

If I left anything out or you have something to add, please comment and voice what could be added or made to have the inventories we currently have easier to use with space.

Thank you.