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Handmade Quiver

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edited March 29, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
Handmade Quiver!

Something to add to Very few list of things that can be handicrafted at mid rank
Something that might help us archers without using another inventory space for Arrow/bolt/Javelin bag
Something that help us to use the best Ammunition without worries about only having few hundreds of them in the bag


Note: All Quiver can be crafted by all race but can be equipped only to certain race

Elf Only
Handmade Quiver!
Fine Handmade Quiver!
Finest Handmade Quiver!
Solid Bone Quiver!
Bhafel *something* Quiver! (Bhafel Huntress Ammunition is infinite once crafted)

Human and Elf
Simple Bolt Quiver!
Handmade Bolt Quiver!
Fine Handmade Bolt Quiver!
Finest Handmade Bolt Quiver!

uh... Giant? tell me a good number for the javelin quiver
Handmade Short Javelin Quiver!
Handmade Long Javelin Quiver!

Add more, based on Falcondae Idea
Based on the material, The quiver stack limit is based on the material
There will be 500/1000/1500/2500 (5000 is too excessive) for the arrows,
0/400/800/1200/2000 for the bolt,
and 200/400/600/1000 for the Javelin.
Higher grade quiver that can contain 5000 arrows, 4000 bolts, and 2000 javelin should be make from the material benefiting for them, very different from the others

Arrow Quiver
5x Normal/Average/Fine/Finest Firewood (for the arrow quality)
5x Cheap/Common/Fine/Finest (for the arrow quantity)
2x Woodboard
5x Nails
3x Toughstrings

Javelin Quiver
6x Normal Firewood
4x Cheap/Common/Fine/Finest (for the Javelin quantity)
2x Woodboard
8x Nails
2x Toughstrings

Bolt Quiver
4x Normal/Average/Fine/Finest Firewood (for the arrow quality)
6x Cheap/Common/Fine/Finest (for the arrow quantity)
1x Woodboard
3x Nails
4x Toughstrings

Quiver for 5000 arrows, 4000 bolts, or 3000 Javelin
3x Demonic Firewoods
10x Cheap/Common/Fine/Finest Leathers (for quantity)
10x Large Nails
1x Radiant String
1x Demonic Wood board


Not sure about this one tho...
Handmade Amethyst Quiver!
Handmade Topaz Quiver!
Handmade Emerald Quiver!
Handmade Mysterious Quiver!
Metalic Quiver! (rather than handmade, make it purchasable from Jousting shop, the same as the arrows)
Sephirot Bolt Quiver! (the arrow itself can be stacked and restocked to 1000)

There are almost a dozen of handmade arrows and bolts that haven't been released to NA
Even though those could #MakeArcherTalentGreatAgain
in the other hand i would suggest the quivers for those too
  1. Suggestion of New Handmade Quivers!8 votes
    1. sure! Why not!
       63% (5 votes)
    2. I would fund this if i have money!
       13% (1 vote)
    3. Yes, but make Handmade Arrow Quiver available to human too
       0% (0 votes)
    4. No, The bags are already Enough
       0% (0 votes)
    5. No, there are already bundles of arrows, bolts, and javelins in the web shop
       0% (0 votes)
    6. No, just no
       0% (0 votes)
    7. I don't even do archery / Not interested
       13% (1 vote)
    8. This suggestion is biased towards elf
       13% (1 vote)


  • FalcondaeFalcondae
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,555
    Posts: 158
    As a human archer, as much as this would be more of a convenience, I actually have no problem with the set up I have. I carry about 5 or 10 bundles of arrows in my Lux bag (Note: I don't have an Arrow Bag) and just hit the button on the main inventory window to restack/reload, which I'm usually pretty good with. My average arrow usage is about 1 to 3 full stacks per run and reload takes less than a second. So, normal arrows I could care less, but when you're talking about the handmade arrows, it would be a nice idea, to an extent. I guess I'm a bit iffy on it for some reason. Don't know why to be honest.

    Maybe to simplify your slightly overwhelming amount of quivers and limiting it by type they can hold, why not make the quivers universal to hold any type (Bolts and Arrows separate of course) but the Simple/Handmade/Fine/Finest denote the amount, namely 300/500/1000/5000 respectively? Also, quivers for the 4 gem arrows and Mysterious Arrow is sort of unnecessary - you only need one to drop into the dungeon and maybe 2 or 3 arrows to kill the boss if you get some nice critical hits (campfires help here!).

    For Giants, maybe a good number would be 200/500/1000/3000 for the respective grades? I don't know how often Giants use Atlatls, so this is just off the top of my head.

    And yeah, there are the bundles in the shop and they cost a few cents for them, but this would be a very good idea for those who have no access to NX.

    However, I do want to point out that if these can be put into the arrow/javalin bags, isn't that a bit excessive...? Maybe not for elves due to their double-shot racial, but for humans, it seems a bit too much if you're trying to maximize your capacity.

    Number Crunching Time for Archers!
    Arrow Bag = 5 x 6

    For Arrow Users
    5 x 6 equates to 10 arrow stacks
    Let's say a Finest Handmade Quiver holds 5000 (Biggest stack known possible currently aside from Huntress)
    With each quiver holding 5000 and you are allowed 10 stacks, that's 50,000 arrows right there.

    For Bolt Users
    5 x 6 equates to 15 bolt stacks
    Let's say a Finest Handmade Quiver holds 5000 (Again, biggest stack known possible currently aside from Huntress)
    With each quiver holding 5000 and you are allowed 15 stacks, that's 75,000 arrows right there.

    50,000 arrows or 75,000 bolts of your choosing, namely the Finest Handmade Arrows/Bolts.

    I can see something like this happening to me, if this idea ever takes off...

    A - I would probably be spending the first day just in Dugald or anywhere with a lot of trees and chopping them for wood
    B - I would probably be spending the second day in Bangor making all the arrowheads (Or buy them from Nerys... Depends on my pocket's mood XD)
    C - I would probably be spending a day or two sitting in Tir Chonail to do PTJs while making so many arrows instead of using my dragon to hold all my arrows/bolts.
    D - My poor bows (30 of them) are going to cry from so much usage

    Just something to consider and maybe help simplify/get the ball going a bit more.
  • HazurahHazurah
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,570
    Posts: 444
    Falcondae wrote: »

    thanks for the feedback, although 5000 is too damn excessive, we can make it very hard to obtain as well