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Two Shadow Missions.

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in Technical Support
Hi! i think I've found a bug. I re-birthed and changed my class to martial arts, after getting to the shadow mission for that skill quest, I decided that I didn't like the class and changed to ninja. so I just got to the shadow mission in the ninja quest, but when I try to do it a message pops up saying "You cannot enter while another shadow mission is in progress" and the only other shadow mission I have is the martial arts one, so I go back to that one and it says the same thing. So I have TWO shadow missions in progress, and I can't enter either of them, and I can't delete either of them either because they’re both skill quests.
Heres a video showing what happened:

And I’d expect that I could complete my skill quest, or maybe delete one of them?
Can I have some help?

My account name Is Lemon Bunny and my Characters name is Jadainn.

Thanks in advance!