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Santa's little IMPoster

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edited May 6, 2017 in Feedback and Suggestions
I was disappointed in the re-release of the reindeer and thought of a new pet that's fun to have along. The Santa's Little Imposter.

An Imp dressed like Santa with a bag over his shoulder that follows you, he has an inventory the same size as a player. Like most imps he's a talkative little fellow, remarking about how he has a lot of work to do, or how he's grateful to have your help. If Nexon decides, he could even be gathered from to get stuff like how the broom can sweep, or the dog can fetch to find new things. His attack animation would be slow two hits with his bag using the same animation as a celtic axe. The outfit's main, shoes, and hat would be Dye1, the cotton trim of the hat and outfit would be Dye2, and the bag would be Dye3 when color selecting.

Nothing groundbreaking, just figured it'd be nice to see next Christmas a new pet. Anymore details needed?