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I really need a GM afp

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in Technical Support
Ok, this is the situation.

Actually, who have the problem is not me, is my wife's account, a few days ago we discover that the original e-mail has been bloked, she cant remember the password from that e-mail, but she could enter to the game... until today, one idiot try to enter to her account, and the security sistem enter, so we need a e-mail reactivation, BUT WE CANT BECAUSE SHE CAN'T LOGGIN TO HER'S EMAIL

Please... i need a GM, she have TONS of items and gold in game (like 45mil in banck right now), please, we need it for make the e-mail change and she could recover her's accoutn, this is a emergency :'(


  • KororeKorore
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    GMs cannot provide support through the forums, you'll have to submit a ticket or do the live chat option during their active hours via the Customer Support page.

    Best of luck!
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