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♥ Looking for a Guild ♥

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edited May 13, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Picture by former Guildie. Not drawn by me.

Hello OuO My name is Ata/Al, whichever you would prefer. Lately I have been roaming Mari in search of new friends, and therefore have been searching for Guilds here and there. As of now, I'm looking for an active guild with lots of people who do stuff just about on the daily (Also an active leader). I want people who do missions, and dailies with me so I can better earn my RKA with others. I'm looking for a talkative bunch who can help out and have fun with me, but Im also looking for a place low on drama (Haha ^w^). For those who like to know, my main character is a human that is over 4k. My experience will be written below. Please and Thank you!

My experience consists of being a Guild officer of two guilds, and a designated admin of two others. For my first guild, I was a recruitment officer that helped gain members and get them signed up for the guild's website and discord. I also helped with a few other things, like taking care of drama, and keeping other admins informed of what was going on in the guild (I'm really active...). For my second Guild, I was Officer, and helped build on our website, Discord, and helped recruit and also I handled meetings. I also used my real life skills as a graphic artists and made the guild a logo. The guild later disbanded because the leader decided to go back to our old guild (Not really anything wrong with that!). With my third guild, I was also officer, and built our webite, and helped build our Discord and I also did the logo. Along with this, I built our recruitment page (Go to my profile to take a looksie.), surveys, and handled meetings. My 4th and current guild, I am an admin that handles the Discord's technical side and help give moral support.

♥ I have leadership experience.
♥ I'm a graphic artist.
♥ I can buld websites, surveys, skypes, and discord servers.
♥ I'm a hard worker who believes there is a peace for everyone.
♥ I'm willing to help out with whatever you need.
♥ My human is a Master Mage and Warrior.
♥ I enjoy spam. (Food too, but not what I meant xD)
♥ Extremely active.
♥ I will steal all of your hot pinks .W.
♥ Etc, just ask!

If you think I'm a good fit for your guild, please let me know in the comment section or note me via Mabi at Ataraxiz. Thank you! ♥

Please note, any rude comments made on this thread will be removed, as I will immediately contact a forum moderator. (This has happened before, just a heads up.)


  • HesitaHesita
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    I hope you find what you're lookin' for sweetheart. Totally not stalkin' just saw this and decided to read it. Have a good day, Al.
  • AtaraxizAtaraxiz
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    Just for the record: We made our own guild called Electrolytes and we are just now getting to seriously recruit so we will have some info up on the forms shortly!
    ❤ - Ataraxiz