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Hans Can't Draw

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in Incomplete Bugs
I noticed that after several attempts, Hans for some reason cannot draw my face T~T;
It's not a loading issue for sure, I've waited enough to see if the photo loaded.
So I attempted other tries by taking off my titles and all my clothes (both style and gear) and the same results happen.
I had someone else test it out and it seems that they can see their face just fine o.o;

The only difference between me and my friend here (besides size and gender) was that I had the Altruist foot glow effect that couldn't be minimized / removed.
Is this the cause of the problem? My blinding feet is making it impossible for poor Hans to draw my face? Or does he personally have a grudge against all altruists?

Whatever the issue may be, I hope Hans will someday be able to draw my face once again T~T


  • ShoogShoog
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    This happened with my elf's portrait as well about 6 or 8 months ago.