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Ruairi Real-Life Picture Thread

Mabinogi Rep: 830
Posts: 12
in Ruairi Chat
Hey, guys. Seems everyone but us has one of these.
IGN and pic, and introduce yourselves!
Make Ruairi friendly again!


  • ArcataArcata
    Mabinogi Rep: 875
    Posts: 40
    I'm Arcata from Ruairi~
    (recently started so don't expect much from me xP I know nothing...)
  • OkamiStarOkamiStar
    Mabinogi Rep: 700
    Posts: 16
    edited September 7, 2017

    IGN Kouteki

    :D Hallo, name is Kota~
    I recently returned to the game after a prolonged break. Was going to quitthe came back again, then cancer happened so i was away again and welp here I am again c:
    Looking to make some friends in game too and an active guild if anyone is recruiting :3 Common ground for interest? I like watching movies :D I also enjoy reading, gaming (rpgs mostly) and anime. (I am super behind on alot of new anime tho ;w;) I'm also a bit on the socially awkward side but I make do owo/