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A mute button

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Ever jump in on a group of people playing freestyle jam, and everyone really puts thought into the instruments they use to make the songs sound really awesome...but there's that one person who only owns a pair of cymbals or guitar or something and wants to be apart of it, but just ruins the listening experience?

It's not a blacklist, it's just a mute button. It only mutes their instruments for yourself, personally. I hardly have anything against the person, they might be a newbie or something...I might have a conversation with them (or they actively contribute to whatever conversation is going on), which is why I don't want to blacklist them. So instead of having to do any actual confrontation, a mute button would be handy. :D


  • ParadoxLostParadoxLost
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    Create a jam session party and I think you'll find what you're looking for!