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HELP!! Scooter imp INFO!!

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edited June 7, 2017 in Help
i recently brought a fantasia scooter imp (still in whistle) and i dont know what skills it have (nor what they do) or base stats of this pet
because mabiwiki is actually broken x.x
i plan level it 200 with that max level pot, can someone post a screenshot of his/her scooter's stats at level 1 and/or at level 200 at age 1? plz and ty
  1. is it a good idea to choose this pet to max level and use it as tank in divine link?19 votes
    1. yes, its nice
       58% (11 votes)
    2. nop, its quite weak
       5% (1 vote)
    3. maybe, but there are better
       0% (0 votes)
    4. i dont know :v
       37% (7 votes)


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    You can see a very awkward looking version of the page if you go directly there.

    Wiki says its growth rate is the same as Bone Dragon.
    It's just weaker due to having lower base stats.

    The debuff aura it has makes it handy as a Link pet, though.
  • SkaidrojumiSkaidrojumi
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    I don't have it at level 1, but here is level 200
  • GretaGreta
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    edited June 8, 2017
    My guildie who used to play had a scooter imp that was sooo tanky. I saw their pet being pushed by a huge group of monsters in Peaca Abyss and it didn't die at all because it only took 1 damage most of time. After i saw that i decided to get one when i have a chance and i even used 200 level fruit on it. No regrets now :D
  • ShireAccel913ShireAccel913
    Mabinogi Rep: 900
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    edited June 8, 2017
    oh really? ty everyone
    it was really helpful :) now i must wait to find that exp pot, maybe now its too late to get one...