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Celtic Guardian Staff Auto Slot Party Heal Fails

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edited June 21, 2017 in Bugs and Glitches
Auto Weapon Slot party Heals Fails to Functions For Celtic Guardian Staff As it is the only Staff that can use Party heal. The Auto Weapon slot conversion is suppose to automatically change to a weapon you have equipped if a skill can be used. As you can See it does work with the party healing wands however the PH staff is not counting it self as a party healing weapon for the Auto system. Yes you can just manually change weapons but this example is more for a quality of game complaint. I haven't had this issue with any other skill and I think it just has to due with the fact that this staff might not be included on the list for the Auto Slot conversions for this skill. It's not a Huge Problem but I wish it would work it could save the crucial moment when you are one second to late from casting party heal on someone who is about to take a hit that could knock them out.

What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue: Have the Celtic Guardian Staff on your back with Auto Slot Conversion on and Caste party heal. Game says it requires a healing wand. But when you use a healing wand it works fine with the wand itself.

The staff it self says "A staff that reflects the generosity of the goddess. Use this staff to cast powerful magic attacks on your enemies, or protect your allies with the Party Healing skill. It can also call on all magic skills for the three elements, and does not require you to charge spells for intermediate magic.

So what should happen is when having the staff equipped it should Just switch to it and load party heal automatically like it does when you caste fireball,thunder or ice spear with it on your back.

This Video was uploaded for Error reporting for the NA Nexon Mabinogi server.

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