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"Don't Get Me Started!" Game Thread Remake

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I was recently trying to revive my old game of this here on the forums, but my comment and someone else's comment was removed as soon as we posted and now you cannot comment on the thread anymore, so I've decided to remake it and provide a link to the old thread. Rules and such will be posted here .w.

"Don't get me started!" is a humours venting game made to let off steam and to have a few laughs at the crazy stuff people come up with. The first person gives a topic and and the next person vents on that topic. The next person who would like to participate can post below them and after they vent, they can come up with a new topic! I'll start! Please be sure to follow the ToS! All venting must begin with "_____! Oh, don't get me started!" Let's begin!

Previous Thread:

Topic: Lagging During a Raid

Oh, don't get me started! I HATE it when I'm in a raid and my computer feels like it's just going to shut down on me! All I want is to do my part so I can work on getting materials for crafting but I JUST CANT HIT ANYTHING! Just, don't get me started!

New topic: Failing to Complete a PTJ!
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  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Oh don't get me started on PTJ holy water.
    Turn in quest 4pm, game crashes 3:40pm.

    Gather 15 eggs; fox aggroes chicken you are collecting from. You help the chicken. Fox aggroes you you lag. Fox knocks you down.
    Goodbye eggs.

    Gather 3 apples or 5 berries: Knock the trees and bushes for the entire the duration of ptj all that fell are branches and your stamina.

    "The potato crumbled in your hands."
    "You thought it was a potato, but it was just a big fat mole."
  • AtaraxizAtaraxiz
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    New Topic: Iria Dungeons

    Be sure to post a new topic to rant about after you post ;o